BadAss Canes

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The BadAss Cane Package


The BadAss Cane – a strong, 36 inch long, 3/4 inch thick hickory cane that’s been modified for better use as a weapon. The crook has been cut down, the hand grip hs been extended, and a heavyweight ferrule is placed on the bottom. And it’s painted black, ’cause black is cool. There is nothing that will keep this cane from going through metal detectors or keep it from qualifying as a necessary disabled appliance. Every BadAss Cane package comes complete with a cane, a spare heavy duty ferrule, and a copy of Self Defense 101 and The BadAss Cane book to explain your rights and help you use it efficiently.

The BadAss Cane is a great combat cane that works for regular street. It’s cool looking, feels good with a bit of padding in the handle so it’s comfortable when you’re walking around. Plus, you can be your own cane fu master even if you need a little extra support!


The BadAss Training Cane Package


Just looking for a training tool and not a fancy accessory? We now offer the BadAss Training package: a stripped down BadAss Cane and a copy of the book. A must have for any serious or wannabe martial artist! You can even order it with a ferrule for quick conversion to street use!

Great for martial arts training. Use the combat cane instead of your bokken, jo, staff, or other weapon. Become a cane fu master of your own!



The BadAss Training Cane (cane only)



Just the stripped down version of the BadAss Cane. It’s a great alternative to train with compared to expensive martial arts weapons. Order your combat cane or two or more! Get enough for your whole dojo!


The BadAss Long Cane



It’s everything you love about the BadAss Cane only bigger and longer!  It’s custom cut so that it fits you perfectly, up to 5′ long.


The BadAss Long Training Cane



Again, everything you love about the stripped down version of the BadAss Training Cane, but longer.  Custom cut to fit you perfectly, up to 5′ long.


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